Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yale Releases Application Essays for the 2012-13 Application Season

The Yale School of Management has announced via their admissions blog the essay prompts for those applying to the entering class of 2013. This year’s application includes 4 required essays.  

First-time Applicant Essays:

1. What prompted your decision to get an MBA?  When did you realize that this was a step you wanted – or needed – to take? (150 words maximum)

2. Describe a difficult professional decision you had to make.  What were the consequences, and what, if anything, did you learn?  Would you make the same decision again? (300 words maximum)

3. The Yale School of Management provides a leadership education characterized by broad-minded and intellectually curious students with diverse backgrounds, a distinctive integrated curriculum, connections to one of the great research universities in the world, and the broad reach of an innovative and expanding global network of top business schools.  What will you contribute to the Yale SOM community, and how will being part of it help you extend your professional vision? (300 words maximum)

4. What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment?  Why? (300 words maximum)

Reapplicant Essays:

Reapplicants must answer 3 essays.  They are questions 1 and 4 from above, and in addition, this essay:

What steps have you taken to improve your candidacy since your last application? (300 words maximum).

As always, do verify all information directly at the website for Yale SOM admissions

John Couke