Thursday, June 28, 2012

MIT Sloan Fellows Deadlines and GMAT/GRE Requirement

The MIT Sloan Fellows program has updated their website to show the current scheduling for application deadlines and decisions.  The following information is given here on the dates and deadlines section of their admissions website:

Application Schedule:

Deadline (for non US citizens and US citizens living outside the US) - 11/15/2012
Deadline (for US citizens currently residing in the US) - 1/16/2013

Decision - to be announced before 3/31/2013

GMAT / GRE requirement:

The GMAT waiver mentioned here is not something that is new to the program for this year - however it is always worth mentioning.  To get the waiver (for the GMAT or GRE) you need to produce a transcript showing a B grade or higher in one of the following courses: calculus (or more advanced mathematics), microeconomics, or finance. Alternative courses may be considered, in this case applicants need to send additional information about the course they took.

As with all school information, please read the requirements directly at the school's own admissions website.

Lastly, the program notes the application will be available in mid-August of 2012.

John Couke