Friday, June 19, 2015

Invitation to an Exclusive MBA Networking Event in Tokyo on July 3, 2015

I am pleased to forward the following message from Damon Mackey of regarding an upcoming MBA networking event to be held in Tokyo on July 3, 2015.

John Couke

Please accept this special invitation to's most exclusive event of the year. to be held on July 3, 2015 starting at 7pm. Most of you have been to or heard of the Worldwide MBA Event that brings 150 to 300 MBAs or the MBA Seminars held at organizations that value MBAs but this is very different.  

This is a chance for just 10 MBAs to be selected to:

- Hear the Keynote from and chance to meet Yosuke Yagi, Executive Officer & VP of HR at LIXIL (One of Japan’s fastest globally growing organizations), as he speaks on global HR from his experience leading General Electric's world renowned HR and growing LIXIL into a global organization in just 3 years.

- Cultivate best-practices in a truly high-impact exchange and grow meaningful contacts.

- Be privy to priority opportunities.

- Special Talk from Ariel Daniel a recent Hitotsubashi ICS MBA Graduate, hired at LIXIL to give you the inside scoop on what its like to work at this fast growth organization.

- 30 Top-tier organization’s HR executives( from Baxter, Red Bull, Ferring Pharmaceutical, Dale Carnegie, Coca Cola, PwC and more).
- Other high caliber MBAs / Masters.

While enjoying:
- Full gourmet cocktail foods served and drink included.
- The idea-sharing activity to exchange best-practices with top MBAs and select HR executives.

Quick entry form to get in at MBAs will be selected after careful review but I will personally get back to each and everyone of you.

All of the finalists will receive a subsidized ticket to get in for below cost. (40% off). You  will also have the chance to be chosen as the 2015 “MBA of the year” by

Priority information on carefully selected organizations offering exceptional opportunities for MBAs/Masters. These are not sponsored by organizations but chosen by as special priority opportunities just for those present on the day including Marketing and FP&A positions at LIXIL, Leadership program at MAERSK and more.

Click on the form above or here:  We made it as easy as possible to apply.  Hope that you can join us for this special high value exchange.  There will be special priority given to 1 or 2 MBAs with interest in the "Global Marketing Manager" position and "PR & Branding" position at LIXIL as I think it would be an amazing opportunity to get introduced to the organization. CONNECT. SHARE. GROW.