Saturday, May 3, 2014

GRE vs GMAT for MBA Applications

A recent Poets&Quants article gave some specifics for applicant volume at certain schools using GRE scores, as well as a comparison those GRE scores that were submitted to the average GMAT scores schools receive. The results show that:

- more people are using GRE scores than ever before and this trend may be growing
- a direct comparison of the average GRE and GMAT scores submitted by admitted students at certain schools shows that the GRE scores were on the whole less competitive than the GMAT scores

I feel the second takeaway to be particularly revealing. Read the article here.

I don't always recommend that my clients abandon the GMAT in favor of the GRE at any sign of difficult with the former test. However, I do recommend that all clients at least consider which test may be best suited to their skills, and then look school-by-school at whatever information they can find to determine which test to take for a given school.

John Couke