Sunday, April 27, 2014

Research MBA Programs using my Social Bookmarks

It is important that you, the MBA applicant, intensively research your MBA options prior to submitting the application to ensure you are applying to those programs that fit your needs and goals best.

Towards this, let my collection of bookmarks help!

I have spent years reading up on and researching business schools around the world. When I come across some new information about a particular course or new process in the admissions committee, I categorize that information using tags so that I (and you!) can easily locate the information. I do this using the social bookmarking system provided by There's a lot there, so below are some examples of how to navigate this site.



This will give you a list of 6,000+ articles tagged with "MBA". That's too much - I know. So narrow it down a bit.,admissions

This is a list of articles I have tagged with both "MBA" and "admissions", and so it is a list of resources focused on admissions.,admissions,interview

These links target the interview process for b-schools.

You can also search for topics like these:,fit,culture,curriculum,essays

..and of course you can search by specific schools:,Harvard,Stanford,Booth,Kellogg

Look around, and if you like start from the main page and drill down from there:

NOTE: sometimes pages load a bit slowly..  if this happens don't worry, just refresh the page and it should come up.

Hope my own passion for researching MBA programs helps you learn more about your target programs, and/or find the right match for you.

John Couke