Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kellogg MBA Program to Host Interview Day in Tokyo on February 1st 2014

I have seen a couple of examples early in 2014 of schools aiming to set up interviews on short notice. Kellogg was sending out emails earlier today offering slots to their Tokyo Interview Day set for February 1st. This is earlier than in previous years.

There are two takeaways here for MBA applicants.

(1) Do a session of interview practice after completing your first application.

You may feel like there isn't time for this, but the reality is that it is important to know how well you are communicating and what areas you need to work on EARLY in the application season. The interview is the clincher and the earlier you begin your preparations the better off you'll be.

(2) Start interview practice RIGHT AFTER completing round 2 applications.

There's no time to wait, even if you're tired. If you haven't already done so, arrange your practice starting now - and don't delay!

John Couke