Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wharton MBA Course Content available on Coursera

Wharton will be offering the contents of core MBA courses via the online Coursera platform over the course of the fall of 2013. Courses will include the following topics: Financial Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing, and Corporate Finance.

Each of these topics are fundamental core courses in the vast majority of business programs. They are useful for :

- exploring typical MBA course material for those thinking of applying to an MBA
- exploring typical MBA course material for those who aren't interested in applying to an MBA but interested in gaining fundamental skills in any of these areas
- international MBA applicants interested in developing their listening skills at an appropriate level
- international people interested in learning a fundamental business skill in English

Here is the link to the Coursera blog that announces the availability of this new program.  Take a look!

John Couke