Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Japan-Based MBA Programs

In August of 2009 I created a lens at Squidoo (what is Squidoo?) with one simple but highly-focused objective: to help people see just how many options they had for an English-language MBA taught in Japan. You can find the lens here:

Getting an MBA in Japan

I did this because I myself completed my MBA here in Japan, and because I feel strongly that a) business education is important and highly useful for most, and that b) studying abroad is a valuable experience that allows people to develop global business skills.

The site lists off the 8 full-time programs offered here in Japan, followed by the 3 part-time programs, and then at the end includes a short list of a couple of Japanese-language MBAs (there are many) and a small caveat on aligning a specific business education with your goals. Most of the comments I have received on it comment that it is useful in that it offers the wide view, and so helps people start the process of narrowing down their options without omitting anything at the start. I am glad - researching schools is important when you are deciding where to investment your time (and money) to get the education you are looking for.

The site has received a constant flow of traffic since that time, peaking in the months before the 3.11 earthquake in 2011, reaching a low point (predictably) just after the 3.11 earthquake, and recently starting to peak again.  I am glad to see the interest returning, and hope it continues!

John Couke