Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chicago Booth MBA Unofficial Coffee Chat in Tokyo - March 27th, 2016

I received the message below from the leaders of the Chicago Booth Japan Club. Read on for more information or to sign up!

John Couke

Chicago Booth Unofficial Coffee Chat

Date: 3/27 (Sun)
Time: TBD (based on aggregated preference of participants)
Location: TBD (Tokyo central area)

Three first year students will join the event to share experiences and advices in application, classes, school activities, recruiting, and Chicago life.

Please fill out the format below if you are interested in.

We hope everyone  interested in MBA apply for this chat event. Especially, we would like prospective students who are currently not interested in Booth to join the event as typically their impression in Booth came from misunderstanding the school.

As soon as we fix the location based on demand, we will inform the participants via emails registered in the form. However, please note that we would limit the number of attendees if it is too big to handle. In the case of excess demand, we will invite people first come first serve base.

Appreciate if you can also take a look at our new website.

Chicago Booth Japan Club Leaders