Sunday, November 23, 2014

Virginia Darden MBA hosting "Japanese Perspectives on the Darden MBA" online chat

Current Japanese students at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business will be hosting an online chat called "Japanese Perspectives on the Darden MBA". Sign up here if you are interested in joining this chat, to be held on December 6, 2014 (local time at the program).

John Couke

Monday, November 10, 2014

UCSD Rady Japan Team to host Webinar on November 15, 2014

The following information was sent to me by a current student in the UCSD Rady MBA Program regarding an upcoming webinar about Rady. Read on below (in Japanese) for details.

John Couke

この度、カリフォルニア大学サンディエゴ校(UC San Diego) Rady School of Management の日本人在校生によるオンライン学校説明会(Webinar)を開催致します。
当校は 2004 年に開設、2014 年に創立 10 周年を向かえたばかりの新しいビジネススクー ルです。アメリカ西海岸最南端に位置するサンディエゴが誇るバイオテック、クリーンエ ネルギー、ハイテクなどに代表される強力な地域産業と、世界トップクラスの研究実績を 誇る UC San Diego・研究機関をブリッジする極めて重要な役割を担っています。また、 サンディエゴに本社・拠点を携える Sony Electronics, Qualcomm, illumina などの世界 的企業と協業し、西海岸のビジネススクールとして確固たる地位を固めつつあります。
本説明会(Webinar)では、現地日本人学生からMBA授業や受験対策、現地の生活などを ストリーミング放送でお伝えします。また、説明会参加者から事前に寄せられたご質問へ の回答や、アドミッションからの日本人受験生に向けたコメントなども予定しています。
既に強い志望をいただいている方はもちろん、MBA出願を考え始めたばかりの方でも、 お気軽にご参加ください。詳細は以下の通りです。皆様のご参加、お待ちしております。

【日時】 2014 11 15 ()午前 10:00 開始(予定終了時刻 午前 11:00)<日本時間> 【場所】 オンライン(Webinar)形式 ※ご登録いただいた方に後日詳細をお送りします 【内容】 学校説明、出願情報、在校生による座談会(受験対策、サンディエゴ生活など) 【言語】 日本語(アドミッションからのコメントのみ英語)
【費用】 無料
【申込】 下記 URL よりお申し込みください【締切:11 14 ()
※ 当説明会は入学選考とは関係ありません

景山 (Full-time, Class 2016)
衣笠 (Full-time, Class 2016)

Rady Team Japan
Rady Official Site

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wharton MBA TBD Interview Workshop in Tokyo on November 18, 2014

My colleague Adam Markus and I will be offering a Wharton Team Based Discussion Workshop in Tokyo on November 18th at 8pm.  You must be in Tokyo to participate.

Wharton MBA Team Based Discussion Interview Workshop
Date/Time: Tuesday, November 18, 8pm-9:15pm

Location: E4TG    Isshin Building 5F, 2-11-7 Yaesu Chuo-ku, Tokyo
東京都中央区八重洲  2-11-7 一新ビル 5階

This workshop is for those who will be having a Round 1 Wharton Interview. It is focused solely on the Team Based Discussion. It will consist of a simulated 35 minute TBD based on the actual topic being used. After that the remaining time will consist of feedback and discussion. Both Adam and John will be observing. In the event that the number of participants is over 8, the group will be divided into 2 for the simulation with Adam or John observing.

The feedback session will focus on such topics as
(1) Delivery of an effective 1 minute proposal
(2) Effective listening
(3) What makes for good team interaction?
(4) The role of body language

Please note that the 1-to-1 interview will not be covered in this session.

Cost:   10,000 yen paid in advance by bank transfer received by 11/15/2014
13,000 yen if paid in cash on the day of the event.

Prepayment is mandatory, so if we cannot confirm your payment by the 15th , you will need to pay in cash on the day of the event.

Recording: We encourage you to audio record the workshop. To protect your personal information please do not reveal anything about yourself that you would be uncomfortable having recorded by other participants. Therefore changing the name of your company, clients, etc. is highly advised during the participatory parts of the workshop.

To make a reservation and arrange for payment, please email me at

Hope you can join! 

John Couke